Amazon Alexa is a smart device that works as a personal assistant. We can give different voice commands and it works perfectly. It needs super-fast network connectivity. When there is slow internet, it shows the Amazon Echo not connecting to wifi. We require to use the best network connection so that Alexa works properly. There is a need to fix the error so it works effectively. 

Ways to Fix Amazon Echo Not Connecting to WiFi 

It becomes necessary for us to resolve Alexa won’t connect to wifi. Here, we discuss the different ways to solve the current issue of connectivity. Users can use any method to fix them quickly. 

Check Your Internet Connection

There is a chance Alexa is connecting to wifi, but our ISP is down. We must check our internet speed. We can also open an internet connection on another device. If it doesn't work well, it means our network connection is down. There is a need to connect to our internet service provider for better results.

Power-Cycle the Router

When our internet network is working properly, it means there is a problem with the router. It becomes essential for us to perform a power cycle on the router. The process of the power cycle is varied in every router. It differs from model to model. Most of the time, it is the same. We can turn off the router and wait a few seconds. Now turn it on. After this, we can check whether Amazon Echo not connecting to wifi or not. 

Power-Cycle Your Alexa Device

When our router is working properly, there is a need to do a power cycle of our Alexa device. It is very simple to do this process. There is a need to unplug it from the master switch. Now, wait for a few seconds until it makes a clean slate on the device. Here we can plug it again. After Alexa completes its setup, we can now give commands. 

Re-Enter the Router Details

There is also the possibility of the wrong details of the router in the Amazon Alexa device. When we change its router passwords, it shows an error. There is a need to enter all the router details again. 

We can open the Alexa app.

Here we go to the bottom and tap on devices.

Now we choose the Alexa device and click on the cog at the top right side.

Go to the right side of the wifi network and click Change.

Reset your Wi-Fi and enter the router's password again. It is imperative to enter a new password, so it works adequately. 

Change Bands 

If the router supports both, we can try switching our device between the 2.4GHz and 5GHz bands. It helps the device have greater signal strength if it switches from the 5GHz band to the 2.4GHz band. It depends on the router because routers also send different channels.  

When the router only broadcasts one channel, we wisely sorted the devices into each band separately. Regardless of the method your dual-band router uses. There is a need to switch the Alexa device from one band to another. Here we check whether Alexa won't connect to wifi is resolved or not.

Change the Position of the Router and Device

To ensure a solid connection, make sure your router and Alexa device are close enough to each other. According to Amazon, the distance between the two is limited to 30 feet (10 meters). Make sure nothing comes in the middle because it interferes with the Wi-Fi signal, which is relatively close together. It is possible for other devices using Wi-Fi to interfere with your Alexa hub if they sit between your router and it. 

Factory Reset of Alexa Device 

Factory reset is the last option for us to fix the Amazon Echo not connecting to wifi. It is straightforward to perform the reset. Alexa stores all data in the cloud, so it doesn't delete any reminders. It helps in fixing the existing error. Users can get Alexa Setup back online and enjoy its unique skills. There is a need to check the internet speed so that it works more effectively.

Wrap Up 

We need to fix Alexa won't connect to wifi. We can use the best technology methods to resolve the problem. There is a need to follow all the steps accordingly.